iOS app names in Titanium projects

By | September 12, 2013

Ever want spaces in your Titanium iOS app’s name? Did you start a project with one name, but then want to change it?

When you create a new Titanium Mobile project, you cannot enter spaces in the name. Renaming Titanium projects is possible, though a bit tricky. There’s an easier way to solve these problems: internationalization.

You would typically internationalize the name of the app to target multiple languages. The Titanium guide on internationalization gives just such an example. But you can also use the i18n features to modify your app’s name.

Internationalizing an app's name

Internationalizing an app’s name (click to enlarge)

In the example above, check out the project name: TestApp. This would be the app’s name if I didn’t take the next steps. That is, I created the i18n/en directories with the app.xml within. In that file, I added the XML code you see above. I cleaned the project and built it. The result is that on my home screen, my app is called My Cool App.

 What about on the app store?

An app’s name in the app store doesn’t come from your project or i18n files. Instead, you specify the name for your app when you create your app’s entry in the iTunesConnect portal. In fact, choosing the right name can help your SEO.

Users on mobile devices will see up to 32 characters when browsing the App Store (desktop users see more). Be descriptive and be sure to say what your app does. Make sure, though, that the app store name and the name shown on the user’s home screen are close so they don’t forget which app is yours!