Update a ‘Waiting for Review’ app and keep the version number

By | June 12, 2015

Recently, I submitted an app update to Apple only to find a bug that really needed to be fixed before it got to customers. However, I wanted my new fix to use the same version number I had already started with. Since Apple had not yet reviewed my update, I was able to follow the steps below to update the binary, and keep the same version number.

  1. Using Safari, log onto iTunes Connect (rumors say other browsers won’t work, though I didn’t try).
  2. Go to My Apps and select the app and version that is waiting for review.
  3. At the top, next to the blue “i” info icon, click the link to “remove this version from review.”
    Remove build link
  4. Delete the binary: scroll down to find the build and hover over it; a minus button appears. Click it. Despite what it implies, this doesn’t actually delete the build (or build version number) from iTunes.
  5. Make sure to click Save.
  6. This is the critical step: you can’t use the exact same build/version number, but you can keep the major portion of it. You must update the app’s version number … my previous version was going to be 1.0.3, which I wanted to keep. So, I changed it to
  7. Build the app for production and upload to the store using Xcode as usual.
  8. Back in iTunes Connect, after a brief wait for it to show up, select the new build and again click Save.
  9. Then click Submit for Review and finish the remainder of the submissions steps.