Apache userdir with El Capitan

By | November 5, 2015

I spent four hours working through guides like this one and lots of Stack Overflow posts trying to get userdir support working again after updating from Yosemite to El Capitan. (You know, so that I can open http://localhost/~myusername and put files in /Users/myusername/Sites.)

Eventually I gave up and used a simple workaround. In Terminal:

cd /Library/WebServer/Documents
sudo ln -s /Users/yourusername/Sites yourusername
# e.g.
# sudo ln -s /Users/timpoulsen/Sites timpoulsen

Of course, I have to remember to not put the ~ in the URLs. But what’s nice is there’s no need for sudo to add/remove files from my Sites folder like there is with /Library/WebServer/Documents.

Localhost user dir hack