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CommonJS modules instead of globals

When you need a value or method to be available in various places in your app, the temptation to use a global variable can be hard to resist. You should resist! Besides, there is a good, and easy, alternative. CommonJS modules are a standardized way to create an easily reusable object. These modules can provide… Read More »

Resolution-specific graphics in Titanium

Working on an app the other day, I came across some complex logic for selecting which graphics to show on an iPhone 5 vs. an iPhone 6 vs. and Android device. While it worked, it didn’t capture all possibilities and frankly, was totally unnecessary. In the end, I replaced 30 or so lines of if-then… Read More »

Easy Genymotion builds with Ti 3.2 RC

Update: An hour or so after I posted this, Appcelerator posted an entry on their Developer’s Blog describing how to use Genymotion with the 3.2 CLI. I encourage you to check out that official solution. — Tim I’ve started using the blazing-fast Genymotion emulator for my Android development. Unfortunately, the Titanium/Appcelerator tooling doesn’t support directly… Read More »

Custom app names in Android projects

A few weeks back, I showed how you can tweak the name of your Titanium iOS app. By using the internationalization (i18n) feature of Titanium, I was able to configure an app named TestApp to show on the home screen as “My Cool App”. We can do the same thing for a Titanium Android app,… Read More »

iOS app names in Titanium projects

Ever want spaces in your Titanium iOS app’s name? Did you start a project with one name, but then want to change it? When you create a new Titanium Mobile project, you cannot enter spaces in the name. Renaming Titanium projects is possible, though a bit tricky. There’s an easier way to solve these problems:… Read More »

Breakpoint debugging an Alloy app

Today’s tip came out of a chat I had with the brilliant Aaron Saunders (@aaronksaunders). Thanks Aaron! First, a little backstory. Appcelerator’s new Alloy framework provides an MVC-like development architecture for your Titanium mobile app development projects. In essence, Alloy is a preprocessor. You create views (in XML and CSS-like files), controllers, and models, which… Read More »

Titanium graphs with a WebView

Got data to graph in Titanium? On its own, Ti doesn’t provide a graphing component. There is an iOS-only module in the Marketplace. But if you also need to support Android or want other graph types, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, we can use the WebView, a suitable HTML graphing library, and some app-level events… Read More »

See the Mac Console for full error details

I got a (probably not so) bright idea about how to do a bulk update of my app’s database as part of a version upgrade. I could generate a SQL file containing all the statements that needed to be run by exporting from my desktop DB tool. Then I’d package the file with my app… Read More »

Split window editing in TiStudio

Yes, you can edit the same file in two tiled windows in Titanium Studio! Today I figured out how to do this and whipped up this short tutorial video just for you.