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Multiple exceptions for iOS 9 App Transport Security

As you’ve surely heard by now, Apple is requiring secure network connections (https). This requirement will apply to all newly-submitted apps for iOS 9, as well as updates to existing apps submitted after the release of iOS 9. There are some great articles about why this is good and how you should be using it. What… Read More »

The right and wrong way to save file paths in Titanium

If your app requires you to save files, perhaps photos that the user snapped using your app, your first thought might be to do something like: // don’t do this: var file = Titanium.Filesystem.getFile(Ti.Filesystem.applicationDataDirectory, filename); file.write(imageBlobData); // saving the full nativePath to the DB myModel.set(‘filepath’, file.nativePath);; console.log(file.nativePath); Unfortunately, you cannot count on the nativePath… Read More »

Automating Titanium builds with Grunt

OMIGOSH, I submitted our app to Apple with it pointing to our development endpoints, not production! Stupid mistakes like this are the stuff of developer nightmares, and they can easily happen when you have manual steps in your release process. People screw up. We use the awesome Installr service to distribute iOS and Android test… Read More »